Tuesday, April 30, 2013

YIKES! September 15, 2012

Well, with Stephen's birthday coming up so quickly here, I realized that I never did share Timothy's 8th birthday party on here - from September 15, 2012!  Blogging just hasn't been a priority these days, but in the back of my mind I think about this birthday post often because his party was * so * much * fun * !!!!!  Timothy is one creative dude and he pretty much planned his entire party, including his cake.
Guess what the theme of the party was?
Several days before the party we worked on making the pinata - a pig!

For our snacks we had broken eggs...

... sticks for nests ...

... pigs in a blanket ...

... berries for birds ...

Timothy is thrilled with his new Angry Bird stuffies!

And a new shirt.

Timothy's masterpiece cake.  It was totally workable, too!  He used a simple fondant type of candy to make his birds and pigs and created his towers out of chocolate wafer cookies.  The pretzel rod sling shot with black licorice was carefully crafted so that it could actually throw the birds at the pigs!

What a cool cake!

See all the blue fluffy birds and a few red ones made out of yarn?  We made Angry Bird pompoms for a craft and the kids got to use them for games out in the yard and then took them home as part of their party favors.

The pinata was a hit!  (har har har)

What a special 8th birthday this was for Timothy!  So thankful that the day was beautiful enough that they could create all their Angry Bird towers and games outside.  He definitely had a memorable bithday!


Anonymous said...

I remember you were planning this all out when we visited. Glad it was such a huge success! You all are quite creative. Bless you! Lilly

heidiannie said...

I had to double check that I hadn't gotten into your archives.
The party looks great and that cake is really neat!

sweetestthings said...

Wow! Im impressed with that cake! Very creative:)