Friday, April 27, 2012

Memories of Florida Part I

At the end of March, Mom and Dad came with us on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation in Florida.  We hopped on a plane in Buffalo and flew to Cleveland to pick up Mom and Dad.  From there we flew to Orlando and started our wonderful vacation together!  One day at the Magic Kingdom, a day at our hotel, and then a day at Epcot and another morning in the hotel pool ... great way to begin that memorable time together!
Let the Memories Begin ... and they did!
First sight of Cinderella's Castle was amazing!  The boys were in awe, as were the rest of us!

Grandma and Christopher were partners in the Buzz Lightyear adventure.

Splash Mountain!
What can I say?  We LOVED it - at least most of us did.  Stephen wanted me to sit in the front seat with him because that was the one that would get drenched!  We sure did, and it was worth every moment of going on my son's first roller coaster ride sitting next to him!

Our hotel pool was fantastically warm!  We loved spending time in there, and if were up to the kids, we wouldn't have gotten out - except to go to Epcot.

And go to Epcot, we did!  There was a beautiful flower and garden exhibit going on while we were there with some amazing floral creations.  The boys wanted their picture taken with Donald Duck.

This ball always amazes me.  Fred got such a good shot of this on our way out.  We had a fun and very tiring day at Epcot, but it was way too short!  If we ever go again, we'll skip Magic Kingdom and spend more time in Epcot!

Here's another one of those fabulous floral creations. Christopher wanted to be next to Mater and Lightning McQueen.

Monday, April 9, 2012


My friend, her husband and her 80-something-year-old mother-in-law were travelling together across the country via the friendly skies.  My friend and her husband were sharing a brownie, when the thought occurred to her that maybe her mother-in-law would appreciate some, too, so she broke off the last piece and handed it over to this little old lady. 

A few minutes later, my friend glanced across the aisle at her mother-in-law and about burst into fits of laughter ... and embarrassment!  Dear MIL had eaten the brownie and then had popped her teeth out and was licking the rest of the brownie off of her teeth because she had enjoyed it so much!  Not sure just how to respond, my friend stifled her laughter and tried to block the view of her mother-in-law licking her teeth from the rest of the plane.  Once they were licked clean, they were popped back into her mouth and no one was the wiser! 

Ahhh...what will I be like when I'm 80-something and travelling with my children?  I hope they have a sense a humor and patience just like my friend has!