Saturday, October 6, 2012

What I Did On My Summer Vacation 2012

(Ok, I have NO idea what is going on with these pictures on here!!  As you'll see, some are completely out of place and some are WAY too big and some are repeated.  I have no idea how they got on there and I have no idea how to remove them so please ignore them and pretend that I know what I'm doing.  Some day if I figure out how to fix them, I'll do so, but in the meantime, oh well.)

We had a busy, busy summer this year!  Nothing new in that, but it just seemed like we never had a dull moment in this family!  This post is mostly just to capture some of the highlights with photos for the benefit of the boys who like to go through my blog and look at pictures and remember the good times!

Here's to our summer 2012, boys!

Main Corn-Husker, right here!

Working on 5 dozen ears of corn

On our way to Virginia, we were stuck on the Peace Bridge in Fort Erie, ON.  To our joy, we had to stop RIGHT beside the International Boundary Line where we always joke that we are in the middle of nowhere.  Just HAD to take a picture of it (since we had about 10 minutes to stare at it anyway.)

In the middle of Pennsylvania, we pulled off an exit to get gas and saw this church across the road that was holding an outreach carnival that day.  We were invited to participate and the boys got to play a bunch of carnival games and then trade in their tickets for FREE STUFFED ANIMALS!!!  As if we needed one more animal in this house!  They were so excited to pick out a 'new' animal to take along with them.  We also each got a free hot dog, drink, popcorn and snowcone, so everyone was happy with this little diversion in the middle of Pennsylvania.

Camp wouldn't be Camp without time spent in the Game Room.  This year Daddy got to challenge the boys to ping pong quite often!  Fun, fun, FUN!!

And then there were the weddings...Erik and Rosilda on August 4 in Kitchener and ...

Eric and Emily on August 12 in Cleveland, Ohio.  (And look at my beautiful nieces, Stephanie and Melissa!)

Summer ALWAYS includes some time at the cottage and this year Uncle Henry took the boys fishing for the first time!  Timothy was very patient waiting for that big bite!

Stephen concentrated hard on his fishing skills.

...And he was the first one to catch a fish!

Kayaking was a highlight at the cottage as well.  There were many choppy days where the kids couldn't go out on the water with the kayak, but you can be sure that on the calm days, they were begging to go!  So glad no one captured the moment when Auntie Jo and Mommy came back from a kayak trip and Mommy fell out of hers while she was trying to climb out of it! 

 So these are just a few highlights of our summer.  Now that the weather is turning colder, I thought I'd better post some HOT summer pictures to warm me up a bit.  Good by, Summer of 2012.  We really enjoyed you this year!