Saturday, May 26, 2012

Candy Sushi Making

Stephen, Timothy, David, Jonathan hard at work making their candy sushi.
Picture courtesy of Andrea.
Uncle Bob was the hero tonight!  After our family barbeque, he pulled out the trimmings for candy sushi!  He had all the kids working, making their own custom made sushi and wow, was it a hit!  Uncle Bob's friend found it on Pinterest and forwarded it on to him, knowing that he is a real sushi lover, and Uncle Bob just couldn't resist sharing the joy with all the nephews and nieces!

Green colored Fruit Roll Ups
Batch of Rice Krispie treats
Gummy worms or licorice sticks
Gummy fish

Flatten the batch of Rice Krispie treats into a rectangle, or if you are in a hurry like the kids tonight, no need to bother with this step.

Place a gummy worm or licorice stick on one end of the rectangle and roll it up.

Cover the log with the green Fruit Roll Up and add gummy fish if desired.

Slice the log into little sushi bites and gobble them up!

Unfortunately, we didn't get any good pictures of the final products as they were snarfed down almost immediately, but here is a blog from that has a great tutorial and pictures of what they should have looked like.

Lots of sticky fingers and green tongues after this project, that's for sure!  I skipped the gummy stuff and the Fruit Roll Ups and just enjoyed the Rice Krispies.  Try this with your kids!  They'll love it.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Florida Part II

 Well, since so many of you have been asking about my Florida Part II post, I thought I'd better deal with it already!  Today was a hot and sunny day here and it put me in a Florida mood so I figured, why not!  Here are a few highlights of the second half of our Florida trip back in March.
Timothy LOVED building his sand castles!  He had a slew of them on the go at any given time.  The only problem is that despite my attempts to constantly slather him in sunscreen, my poor son STILL got charred from all of his time on the beach!

The boys diligently worked on their sand castles.  The sand on Sanibel Island was perfect for building!

Where's Christopher?  Oh.  There he least part of him!
We were blessed to spend some time with Uncle Russ and Aunt Adena in Ft. Meyers and the boys just had to recreate Magic Kingdom and Epcot with ALL of their Dominoes, Uno cards, playing cards and whatever other game pieces they could find.  They had quite the amusement park created there!

I love this picture of Stephen finding his first shell!  We came home with so many shells because they had to keep collecting "just one more."

What a treat to be able to spend a few days with Liz and Laurel, too!  We got to watch the sunset at Vanderbuilt Beach.  How absolutely gorgeous!  We tried watching for the green ring, too, but I missed it. 
After a long trip, we still managed to squeeze all three kids into one queen bed in the hotel.  We won't be able to do that too much longer!  This peaceful scene was at the end of a struggle for blankets and pillows and foot room claims.  I wonder what they'll remember about this trip?
So there is the quick version of our trip to Florida!  Thanks to Dad's love for snapping pictures, we have hundreds more to remind us of our memorable time together.  I would do it again in a heartbeat with all the same people, and more ... and if I had the time and money to do it as well. We still talk about our Florida trip on a regular basis and I'm pretty sure we will for a long time to come!

Mom?  Dad?  Where do you want to go next year?!